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About al Madina Center

Our Story

Al Madina Center for Arabic is the first language school in the city of Medina. Indeed, we teach Arabic exclusively to non-Arabic speakers. Thus, we offer various Arabic courses for all levels. Our prices are among the lowest in the Middle East Arabic school market. Whether you are a beginner or already at an advanced level, you will find an Arabic course that suits you at our school.

Before that, we worked via the Internet, teaching Arabic online since 2012. Since then, and by the grace of Allah, the country’s opening to Schengen passport holders. Thus, we have decided to open the first independent physical Arabic language teaching center for non-Arabic speaking foreigners.

Our teaching center aims to attract Arabic language students from all over the world. The al Madina Center for Arabic offers an excellent learning environment with a studious and religious atmosphere. It puts students and teachers in the best conditions. Our buildings are well maintained and located in a beautiful location, the city of the Messenger of Allah (SAW).

Our mission

Our mission at al Madina Center for Arabic is to help preserve and promote the literary Arabic language in all its purity and beauty. Thus, our goal is to help non-Arabic speaking students acquire a solid foundation in understanding and using the Arabic language.

Al Madina Center for Arabic also aims to disseminate the Arabic language to assist students wishing to deepen their knowledge in Islamic studies and understand the Holy Quran through the mastery of the literary Arabic language. We also wish to assist students in the Arabic language to obtain admission to universities, become teachers in the Arabic language, or get a job in an Arabic-speaking country.

Our primary mission is to provide an unforgettable and transformative student experience.

The al Madina Center offers students intensive Arabic courses. Thus, Al Madina Center for Arabic offers classes in the morning or the afternoon and evening, freeing up the evening to visit and pray in the Prophet’s Mosque (SAW) or Makkah.

We offer a wide range of courses in literary Arabic, from beginner to advanced levels. It is possible to study:

in a group (3 to 12 students)

in a semi-private group (only two students)

or individual classes (only one student)


The courses’ objective is to develop your writing, speak, listen, and read Arabic skills.

Our teachers are all native Arabic speakers, and all have long experience in teaching non-Arabic speakers. Thus, we have a maximum of 12 students per group to encourage our students to participate in class, communicate, and speak literary Arabic as much as possible to practice as much Arabic as possible.

Why you should come to al Madina Center

Since the opening of tourist visas for Saudi Arabia, it is now possible for you to reside in the country for 90 days and learn Arabic in Medina. This is why the al Madina Center for Arabic has designed an intensive Arabic language teaching program. In more, this curriculum is adapted to foreigners over an intensive period from 10 days to 3 months. Also, our Arabic courses range from beginner to advanced levels either in groups or individually. We offer intensive Arabic courses in full immersion in an Arab country. It will help you to progress and improve your Arabic language as quickly as possible.

Our team consists of experts who teach Arabic to non-Arabic speakers to guarantee you the best experience. Also, the administration of the al Madina Center is 100% English-speaking.

Classes run either in the morning or in the afternoon. Thus,  you can adapt your Arabic course around revisions and visits to the Prophet’s Mosque (SAW). Study full time and at your convenience while enjoying a unique spiritual journey! Take advantage of the weekends to go to Mecca and do the Umrah! Take this opportunity to combine learning Arabic with religious tourism!

Our goal is for you to speak Arabic with confidence and efficiency. That’s why our teachers make sure you will spend maximum time practicing your conversation skills in class. As well as reading, writing, and listening. By the time you finish your course, we want you to feel very confident with your new Arabic skills. Thus, that you feel ready to hit the streets of Medina and speak Arabic wherever you are! You will be immersed in a studious and religious environment you won’t find anywhere else!


Download this free eBook and learn:

1. The main rules of conjugation
2. The main rules of grammar