Adverbs of place in Arabic | Arabic free courses

Adverbs of place in Arabic | Arabic free courses

Welcome to our new lesson to learn the Arabic language. In this lesson, we will discover how to use the demonstrative pronoun and the definite article Alif – lam. Also,  we will discover two new adverbs of place أَمامَ – in front of and خَلْفَ – behind.


هَذَا الرَّجُلُ تاجرٌ و ذلك الرَّجُلُ طبيب.

This man is a merchant, and this man is a medical doctor.

اِسْمُ التاجرِ مَحْمُودٌ و اسم الطبيبِ سعِيدٌ.

The name of the merchant is Mahmoud and the name of the doctor is Saeed.

هذا البيت للتَّاجِرِ و ذلك البيتُ للطَّبيبِ.

This house belongs to the merchant, and this house belongs to the doctor.

بيتُ التاجرِ أَمامَ المَسْجِدِ و بيتُ الطبيب خَلْفَ المدرسةِ.

The merchant’s house is in front of the mosque, and the house of the medical doctor is behind the school.

لِمَنْ هَذه السَّيارةُ و لِمَنْ تِلْكَ.

To who belongs this car and to who belongs that?

هذه السيارة للطبيبِ و تلك للتاجرِ.

this is the car of the medical doctor, and that is the car of the merchant.

هذه السيارة من اليابانِ و تلك من أمريكا.

This car is from Japan, and that is from America.

1. The demonstrative pronoun and the definite article Alif – lam


In our previous lessons, you have learned how to use the singular demonstrative pronouns, masculine demonstrative pronoun, and feminine of proximity and distance. In our previous lessons, we used the demonstrative pronoun with an indefinite noun.


هَذَا وَلَدٌ

This a boy.

Here the word “وَلَدٌ” is indefinite. We know that in Arabic, if you want to speak about a specific person, or place, or object, you can easily define the noun by adding the particle الAlif Lam.


Now you can use the demonstrative pronoun and the definite noun if you want to speak about a specific person.


هَذَا الرَّجُلُ تاجرٌ

This man is a merchant.


ذلك الرَّجُلُ طبيب

This main is a medical doctor.


هذه السيارة للطبيبِ و تلك للتاجرِ.

This car belongs to the medical female doctor and that one to the female merchant.



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2. Adverbs of place – ظَرْفُ الْمَكَان


The adverbs of place in Arabic works similarly as the preposition – حُروف الجَرَِ. Thus, they come before the noun (place), and they change its case from accusative/nominative to genitive.




أَمامَ المَسْجِدِ

In front of the mosque.

خَلْفَ البَيْتِ

Behind the house

As you can see in these two sentences, the words “البَيْتِ” and “المَسْجِدِ” are at the genitive case. We can identify this case because they carry a kasrah .

This free Arabic course is now completed. InshAllah, you will discover in the next lesson how to use adjectives in Arabic.

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