Distance Feminine singular Demonstrative Pronoun

Distance Feminine singular Demonstrative Pronoun

Definition of the Feminine singular Demonstrative Pronoun of distance – تِلْكَ


Welcome to our free course to learn the Arabic language. This lesson will be about the feminine singular demonstrative pronoun of distance. If you remember, we saw that in our first Arabic free course, the demonstrative pronoun – الْاِسْمُ الْإِشَارَةُ is the English equivalent of “this., these, that”.

Also, they are of two types:

  • لِلْقَرِيْبِ  for a close thing or person
  • لَلْبَعِيْدِ  for distant ones

However, in Arabic, demonstrative pronouns have different forms for the singular, the dual, and the plural. Also, they differ depending on the nominal gender they precede. Thus, if the name is feminine, the demonstrative pronoun will also be feminine, although there are some exceptions to this rule, as discussed later inshAllah.

For feminine singular demonstrative pronoun, you know already that for proximity, you use هَذِه and for distance, you use تِلْكَ.

In this lesson, you will learn that the singular demonstrative pronoun of distance is تِلْكَ.


1. Dialogue

من هذه؟

Who is this?

هذه آمنة.

This is Aminah.

و من تِلْكِ؟

And who is that?

تِلْكَ فاطِمَةُ.

That is Fatima.

هذه طبيبة و تِلْكَ مُمَرَّضَةٌ.

This is a medical doctor, and that is a nurse.

map of india - preposition

japan preposition

هذه من الهِند و تلك من اليابان.

This is from India, and that is from Japan.

هذه طَوِيلَةٌ و تلك قَصِيْرَةٌ.

This is tall, and that is short.

من هذا؟

Who is this?

هذا حامدٌ.

This is Hamid.

و من ذلك؟

Who is that?

ذلك علِيٌّ.

That is Ali.

this is a chicken - Pronoun of distance

أ تلك دَجَاجَةٌ؟

Is that a chicken?

duck - Pronoun of distance

لا. تلك بطَّةٌ.

No. That is a duck.

ما تلك؟

What is that?

egg - Pronoun of distance

تِلْكَ بَيْضَةٌ.

That is an egg.

this is a car - feminine pronoun

هذه سيَّارة المدرَّسِ و تلك سيَّارة المديرِ.

This is the car of the teacher, and that is the car of the director.

this is a watch - feminine pronoun

أَ ساعةُ عبَّاسٍ هذه؟

Is this the watch of Abbas?

لا. هذه ساعةُ حامدٍ, تلك ساعة عبَّاسٍ.

No, this is the watch of Hamid, and that is the watch of Abbas.

this is a chicken - Pronoun of distance

beautiful rooster

ذلك ديكٌ و تلك دَجَاجَةٌ.

This is a rooster, and that is a chicken.


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2. The demonstrative pronouns


In that dialogue, you can see how to use all the demonstrative pronouns we have studied from the first lesson. Thus, now you know:


  • The masculine demonstrative pronoun of proximity: هَذَا
  • The masculine demonstrative pronoun of distance: ذَلِكَ
  • The feminine demonstrative pronoun of proximity:  هَذِهِ
  • The masculine demonstrative pronoun of distance: تِلْكَ



In this Arabic free course, you have learned the following points:

  • how to use the feminine singular Demonstrative Pronoun of distance – تِلْكَ.
  • new vocabularies


In the next lesson, inshAllah, we will discover how to use the adverbs of place in Arabic.

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