First person attached pronoun My – ي | Arabic free courses

First person attached pronoun My – ي | Arabic free courses

1. Introduction


Welcome to our new Arabic free courses. In that new lesson, you will learn inshAllah, how to use the construction فِي + attached pronouns meaning”inside Also, we will see how to use the first person attached pronoun My – ي  in Arabic.

2. Text



هذا بَيْتِي. بيتي أمام المسجدِ. بيتي جمِيلٌ. فيه حدِيْقَةٌ صَغِيْرَةٌ.

هذه غرفتي. فيها نافذةٌ كبيرةٌ و مِرْوَحَةٌ جَمِيلَةٌ. هذا سريري و هذا كُرْسيٌّ و هذا مَكْتَبِي. ساعتي و قَلَمي و كتابي على المكتَبِ. و حقِيبَتِي تحت المَكتَبِ. نافذةُ غُرْفَتِي مَفْتُوحَةٌ.

هذه غرفةُ أَخِي. و تلك غرفةُ أَخِتِي. غرفةُ أَخِي كبيرةٌ و غُرفةُ أخي أمامَ غرفَتي و غرفَةُ أَختي أمام المطبخِ.

لِي أخٌ واحدٌ اسمُهُ أسامَةُ و لِي أُختٌ واحِدةٌ اسمُها سُعَادُ.

أَبِي و أُمِّي في تلك الغرفة الكبيرة.

أنا أُحِبُّ أَبي و أُمِّي و أُحِبُّ أَخي و أختِي.

My home

This is my home. My house is in front of the mosque. My house is beautiful. There is inside a small garden.

This is my room. Inside, there is a big window and a beautiful fan. This is my bed, this is my chair, and this is my desk. My watch, my pen, and my book are on the desk. And my bag is under the desk. The window of my room is open.

This is the room of my brother. And that is the room of my sister. My brother’s room is large, and my brother’s room is in front of my room, and the room of my sister is in front of the kitchen.

I have one brother, his name is Ussama, and I have one sister, her name is Suad.

My father and my mother are in that big room.

I love my father and my mother, and I love my brother and sister.

3. The construction فِي + attached pronouns – In him, in her, inside


To say “inside” in Arabic, we use the construction في + attached pronoun. فِي is a preposition that means “in.” Also, we saw in our previous lesson how to use the attached pronouns.




فِي +ه = فِيهِ

In him /inside = him + in


فِي + ها = فِيْهَا

In her / inside = her + in

غُرْفَتِي فِبيْهِ كَتَابٌ.

In my room, there is a book.

غُرْفَتِي فِيْهَا نافِذَةٌ.

In my room, there is a window.


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4. First-person attached pronoun My  – يَاءُ الْمُتَكَلَّمِ


In our previous lesson about pronouns, we saw that if you want to say “my,” you need to suffix the pronoun “ي” to the word.

In that text, the writer uses the pronoun ي abundantly:





My house


My room


My book


My pen

4. Conclusion


This Arabic free lesson is now completed. It was the first time that you read a complete text in Arabic and understand it congratulation. Now you know how to say in Arabic “inside, in him, in her.” You also know how to say “my.”

In the next lesson, inshAllah, we will discover the second-person in Arabic.








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